The fund controlled by the developers of HERMES Finance that conducts buybacks and acts as a reserve to help maintain the peg.

COMMUNITY Wallet Address


Functions of HERMES Finance community wallet

The community fund is the second line of defense on top of the Bond Mechanism. The community fund is controlled by the Developers.
Information about the community is as follows:
  • When HERMES TWAP is below 1, buybacks will be initiated by the community wallet. These will be done at a time decided by the core team and not publicized until after the protocol is back in expansion to prevent front running.
  • When HERMES TWAP is extremely high, the community wallet will sell some HERMES to help assist bringing back to peg and prepare its reserves for buybacks below 1.
  • The community fund will hold a range of assets at the discretion of the core team
  • The fund may or may not invest in safe projects to earn yield and grow itself at the discretion of the team.
  • A Little part of the fund can be used for Marketing and Giveaway.
All transactions made by the community wallet can be found here : Coming soon.