HERMES FINANCE plans to build the next tomb finance on AVAX.
Phase 1: Launch
  • Successful launch of seigniorage protocol along with initial liquidity in LP farms.
  • Implementation of advertising strategies to promote TVL growth and stability
  • Complete a KYC.
  • Successfully pass a total contract audit (0xGuard)
  • Maintain steady growth into
Phase 2 Phase 2: DeFi Integration
  • Implementation of an in-house token swap where users can transfer between stablecoins and our native tokens, as well as provide liquidity for supported tokens all from within the ecosystem. (66% of fees will be used for future incentivization of new features and protocol support)
  • Consistent addition of new non-native token support and liquidity pool options
  • Token Launchpad Program: Development of a system to easily create your own tokens with liquidity on Hermes Finance
  • Launch of more aggressive advertising campaigns to promote consistent TVL growth and stability
Phase 3: NFT
  • Gamification 1st Collection will be AVAX based
  • Second collection will be based in our native token to provide value
  • Proceeds will be used to further development of the HERMES ecosystem
  • NFTs will be given utility via a R2E mechanic
Phase 4: Crosschain
  • Implementation of a multi-chain native token bridge
  • Implementation of bridging and swapping capabilities on non-native blockchains
  • Addition of crosschain liquidity pairs
A lot more to come !